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Courtney Hogan

Courtney began piano lessons at the age of five. When she was 11, she decided that she wanted to play the violin. Her great-grandfather, Ralph Gay, who played fiddle music, always wanted his grandchildren and/or great-grandchildren to learn to play that instrument. Courtney started taking classical violin from John Clement. She then, through John, became a member of the Singing Strings. She was playing around with some Don Messer tunes that her great-grandfather played and decided she would like some fiddle lessons as well. She started with Cynthia MacLeod who also taught her piano accompaniment. Cynthia introduced Courtney to the Celtic style of playing, which she found is where her love of music lies. Cynthia recommended Courtney become a member of the Queen's County Fiddlers. After two years of lessons with Cynthia, she stopped her fiddle lessons and began taking piano accompaniment lessons from Lester Stubbert. Soon after, Courtney decided with all this celtic music, she should add stepdancing to her repertoire. So she began lessons with Michelle Banks.

Lester mentioned to Courtney that she should think of recording her very own CD. She thought about it and decided to begin the work on this project. It was a lot of work for a 15-year old. In addition to belonging to two musical groups, she plays flute in the school band. She selected all the tunes herself and prepared all the arrangements.

The name of the CD comes from a traditional tune that Courtney learned to play called Red Headed Fiddler. As she is a red-head herself, that is what she decided to call the CD. The CD has a wide variety of tunes, from her great-grandfather's favourite, Ann Marie's Reel, to some old traditional tunes such as St. Anne's Reel and McNabb's Hornpipe. Some of the celtic tunes on the CD are McArther's Road, Down the Broom, and Tullochgorum. McPherson's Lament is played on the piano by Courtney and she plays her fiddle as back-up.

This recording was produced by Lester Stubbert, (317 Video and Audio productions), who also accompanied Courtney on tracks with guitar, mandolin, and keyboard. Courtney has Cynthia MacLeod joining her on a set with a strathespey and a few reels. Courtney also adds to that track with some stepdancing. Mark Rooney shares his musical talents as well with his tin whistle, cabasa, and bodhran.

Nominated for three PEI Music Awards including:
New Artist of the Year

Photos by Louise Vessey and Mike Needham

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